11 June 2015

Rhinebeck Country Living Fair 2015

* * *

well, another one down
here's a little recap

the ride to Rhinebeck is beautiful ....
there is a fabulous scenic overlook ..
the pictures naturally do not do it justice.

and mountains as far as the eye can see


set us is a lot of work, but we work hard to keep up our branded look
what do you think ?? pink ? ruffles ? yep

the line to get in is INSANE,
but that's all part of the charm
(well, easy for me to say)
but seriously, the anticipation just adds to the fun

 here's my little walk around ...
I don't get to see too much ..
but this will give you a taste

on top of all the 
'country livingness'
of it all, the grounds are beautiful

one of my favorite things about the Country Living Fairs
are the people we get to see

 one of my most favorite peeps is Evey from 

dinners with some great folks
Renee from Tadpole Creations 
and Jamie from Dop-dop-designs
along with our friends from Hi Ho Home Market 

 and gees...just look how happy Cari Cucksey is to see us ... lol
ya know we just LOVE her
and only get to get together at shows !

you simply must check out her new paint line
she has such unique colors !

and of course I couldn't do it all without the company of my bestie
and travel companion
Lucy from bel monili
you'd think we'd run out of things to talk about... but we never do ! 

a special thank you to all the wonderful customers we meet at the fairs,
goodness knows.. there'd be no show without you !

and dont forget the girls from StellaShows
who never, ever, never stop working to make it fun for all of us !

* * *
on to Buffalo this weekend for the Allen West Art Festival
catch ya next time


25 May 2015

Country Living Fair Ticket Giveaway

* * *

along with a bunch of my friends
(Bel Monili, Green Bubble Gorgeous, La Bonne Vie Designs,
Rough and Tumble Vintage, & Ginger-Blue)

we are giving away 6 ... count 'em 6 pairs of early bird weekend passes
to the Rhinebeck Country Living Magazine Fair

Please stop by my facebook page to enter.... www.facebook.com/junxtaposition
(or if you don't fb.. just comment below that you'd like to go and you will be entered)

whoo hoo !!!

01 May 2015

Country Living Nashville TN

* * *
it's show time again ! 
we loaded up the little red truck and headed to Nashville, TN 
for an all new Country Living Magazine Fair
 I added something new to the truck this year, 
so all those folks on the way , can follow us too !!
we were so excited for this fair,
because we've traveled to this part of the country before,
as we LOVE it ...
(and of course, we'd follow the Stella girls 
and Country Living pretty much anywhere)
I have so many pictures, that as usual, I will let them speak for themselves
(I tried to do a slideshow, but to no avail !)

 this was the line to get in ...
blew us away .. you can't really tell from the pic how long it was,
but it went clear to the road...which was far !
this was our barn !

 my booth

my  bestie Lucy's ( bel monili ) booth

insane amounts of clothes !!! we love that !

you can check these hashtags on facebook or instagram for many many amazing pics !

how do you dress up a tent frame ?
like this !!
tadpole creations 

yep .... a couple of these came home with us !
don't even ask me who we got them in the truck !

 this was (part of) the line for book signing 
by Mike Wolfe - American Pickers

part of my display !

 one of the best things is the people we get to hang out with
(Rachel ~ editor of Country Living Magazine)

a HUGE thank you to all who continue to follow us around the country
we are always tickled pink to meet our 'on-line' friends !

and as always, a massive applaud for the Stella Show girls
who really know how to run a show !

now we're home a week, then off to 3 in a row
Illinois, Virginia, then Indiana

then another Country Living Fair 
in Rhinebeck NY ...
won't you jump in your ride and join us along the way ?